• 3D Taster DREHplus V2 #001V2T34I


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    The DREHplus V2 has arrived! New features include a quick and simple adjustment technology, enhanced stability in automatic tool changers. The new probe tips have a drill-through and can be adjusted with the adjusting key for precise measuring. The face of the gage has been simplified with the focus on the basics.

    ‘DREH’ is the German word for lathe. The DREHplus is an analog 3D-taster featuring innovative, precise probing technology through a patented conical tip specifically designed for measuring tools on lathes saving time and money. No expensive additional equipment is necessary plus the DREHplus is impervious to splash water and oil. In comparison to the standard 3-D tester which is used on milling machines and machine centers, the DREHplus is used on lathes. It is not meant for determining the zero point of the work piece but for the determination of tool sizes.
     Like all Tschorn testers, the DREHplus is significantly slimmer than the competition through its patented in-line design.

    DREHplus vs. SLIMplus

    Is it possible to use a SLIMplus and just screw in the DREHplus-probe tip? This is theoretically possible

    but we do not recommend it. The DREHplus is delivered with a 20 mm shank with a precise planned asset.

    Due to this, it is possible to clamp the 3D-Tester repeatedly precise. With a standard 12 mm shank of the

    standard 3D-Tester, this is not possible as precise as with the 20 mm shank.

    • Innovative probing technology saves time: the conical probing corpus of the DREHplus is specifically designed for measuring tools directly on a lathe
    • Measuring of tools in all axes: X, Y and Z
    • Slim, sleek design
    • Cost-saving;  no expensive additional equipment is necessary