3D tester SAVEplus #00163B05I


The SAVEplus 3D tester is slim and affordable. The SAVEplus model is not waterproof.

What is the difference betweeSLIMplus/VIplus and SAVEplus? The SLIMplus and VIplus (Visual Plus) gages arour premium models. The SAVEplus is the lower cosversion with the following differences:

·        Dial gauge: the dial gaugis directlbuilt-in thbodothpremium models - thioffers the  highesstability. With the SAVEplus, the dial gaugiattachetthbodwitscrews.

·        Serianumber/test certificate: eacSLIMplus and VIpluhas a unique serianumber anwilbe delivered with a test certificate. The test certificate and serianumber arnomade fothe SAVEplus.

·        Waterproof: thSLIMplus/VIpluare waterproofthe SAVEpluinot waterproof.

·        Adjustable scale: The dial gaugscale othe SAVEpluis adjustablethiinopossible athother models (respectivelnonecessary).

·        Quality inspection: nevertheless, each SAVEpluichecked in our quality inspection. The tolerance othe probing accuracis 10µm aour premium modeland 15µm athe SAVEplus. Iis importantmention thathicabchangebthcustomer due tthe adjustable scale.


All Tschorn 3D-Testers stand out with their robust structure and slim and attractive design. 

Precise and versatile capabilities enable fast and easy calculation of work piece reference

points and lengths. Probing is possible in all axle directions (X/Y/Z) at the same

indicator resolution. As soon as the indicator is at “0”, the vertical axis is exactly on the edge of the work piece.

3D Protection System

The measuring unit is the most valuable component of the 3D-Tester.

Protecting this measuring unit is therefore the most important task.

A complete and versatile 3D-Protection-System is integrated into

the 3D-Tester. The sensitive clock mechanics are kept safe from any


The 3D-Protection-System is constructed in 4 levels:

  • Level 1 - breaking point 1 (= bending the narrow probe tip)
  • Level 2 - breaking point 2 (= a fracture on the taper)
  • Level 3 - mechanical limits (= the probe mechanics’ mechanical limits in X/Y)
  • Level 4 - mechanical limits (= the probe mechanics’ mechanical limits in Z)